Organization and service of events
Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christening
Banquets, rewards, shows, New Year shows
Meetings, team events, etc.
Contact us: tel.nr.  (8 - 650) 51777
el.p.  kristegeles@gmail.com
We will take care of….

We will take care of everything that is important for your festival. We will take all your troubles which could make you restless: the time and place of the event; the program and script; performers, singers, musicians, dancers and other special performers; the lighting of the place or scene; tents and summerhouses; sound and video recording; show presenters, etc.

We will take care over  advertising, tents, souvenirs, greetings, transport, decorations, small presents, invitations, booklets, fireworks and pyrotechnics, film projector, fountains, house in a village or in suburbs, service staff, tables and chairs, menu, dishes, mobile constructions, a ride in the carriage or a drive in an old car, flying in a hot-air balloon, etc. Call us, drop in! We are waiting for you!

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