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Festivals, events

Who is Kristina Kaikarienė?

Kristina Kaikarienė is known to be the first wedding planner in Lithuania. She has been organizing events and festivals for a long time not only in Lithuania but in many foreign countries too.She has arranged wedding receptions for people from Sweden,Denmark, the USA and other countries. It means that she has valuable experience of working with people who are famous for insistence on a high standard, who come from countries with different traditions but still avoid troubles which are usual when organizing such events as wedding. Kristina always helps them to choose a photographer,a cameraman,musicians,the place, etc. She decorates not only a church,a party hall, cars but even the place where the a newly married couple spends their honeymoon.People who desire their wedding to be a real festival take Kristina‘s help.

Why Kristina‘s help is worth asking for?

Every event organized by Kristina is original and unique. Tears of happiness in people‘s eyes is the best proof of their thankfulness. According to Kristina, every guest of the event has to be in a festive mood, especially the newly-married couple. It is Kristina and her team‘s job to keep the couple out of troubles which could affect their mood before and during  the big event.

What will Kristina and her team take care of?

The only job that the young couple has to do for their wedding reception is to learn how to dance the waltz. Then it is Kristina and her team‘s concern  to plan down the wedding to the smallest detail. „My team knows what a very good festival or event should be like. We put our greatest efforts to ensure that every person, a host or a guest at a party, has only good memories“,- claims Kristina.

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